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How to backup NOC

All instructions are for singlenode installation.

Creating Backup

It's necessary to do backup of both databases(MongoDB + PostgreSQL) simultaneously due to complex links between data. 1. Stop NOC services: systemctl stop noc 2. Do backups: * mongod: mongodump --db=noc --username=noc --password=noc -v --out=/backup/mongodump/ --gzip * postgresql: sudo -u postgres pg_dumpall -c -f /backup/pg_dumpall.out -v -U postgres * clickhouse: look at this link or just backup the /var/lib/clickhouse/ if you want to save metrics 3. Start NOC services: systemctl start noc

Restoring Backup

  1. Empty databases and then load them with your data
  2. Stop NOC services: systemctl stop noc
  3. MongoDB:
  4. cd /opt/noc/ && ./noc mongo
  5. db.dropDatabase();
  6. mongorestore --db=noc --username=noc --password=noc --gzip mongo_noc/noc/

  7. Postgres:

  8. sudo -u postgres psql
  9. drop database noc; (all postgres clients should be stopped: noc, pgbouncer, grafana-server)
  10. sudo -u postgres psql -f pg_dumpall.out

VM Backup

Virtual Machine backup is also an acceptable option, but it may not be file consistent as direct DB backup.