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NOC Project

The NOC is the scalable, high-performance and open-source network management system for ISP, service and content providers

Welcome to the NOC!

The NOC is the scalable, high-performance and open-source network management system for ISP, service and content providers

Advanced network topology discovery across multiple protocols, including configuration and resource usage. It ensures synchronization between your inventory and the network's real-time state, providing accurate insights and control.
Centralized database of physical and logical resources. Tracks physical assets like chassis and modules. Tracks logical resources (IP, VLAN, Phone Numbers) usage as well. IP address planning via IPAM
Configuration Management
Streamlines network configuration control. It automates backups, tracks changes, and ensures compliance. With versioning and rollback features, it simplifies updates, enhancing network reliability and security.
Fault Management
Root Cause Analysis, topology correlation, escalation. Active probing and passive alarm condition detection in syslog and SNMP traps.
Performance Management
Flexible metrics collection via SNMP and CLI. Long-term metrics storage. Automatic configuration of dashboards. Complex threshold control with window functions.
Service Activation
Effortless device interaction through telnet, SSH, web, TL1, MML, and SNMP interfaces for seamless service activation.
Network Automation
Unlock the potential of network automation with our comprehensive framework, featuring an easy-to-use Python API. Streamline tasks, orchestrate processes, and achieve greater efficiency in managing your network infrastructure."
Plays nice with others. NOC is a part of your infrastructure. ETL interface allows to import data from existing systems. DataStream API and NBI interfaces provide services to other system.
Break free from vendor limitations. With support for 100+ vendors and ongoing expansion, experience true vendor-agnostic solutions for flexible network management
Embrace the power of open source. NOC is distributed under the BSD License, fostering collaboration within a vibrant and extensive community
Microservices Architecture
Microservices architecture with flexible processing pipelines offers great amount of flexibility, customization and load balancing.
Scale as you go. Starting from simple single-node installation and up to clusters controlling world’s largest networks with a million of objects.
Big Data
Introduces Big Data analysis to the Network Management. Builtin analytics database and provided BI tools allows to

Documentation Structure

Documentation is organized into into four major parts:


Getting involved in the NOC community offers you a direct path to establish connections with other skilled and like-minded engineers. It's an opportunity to raise awareness about the fascinating work you're engaged in and hone your skills. Discover more about how you can participate in our community by referring to our Community Guide.


NOC is open-source software and licensed under the terms of BSD 3-clause License.