Breaking the vendor locks with 80+ of supported vendors. Adding new vendors and platforms on daily routine basis.


Distributed under the terms of BSD Licence. Large established community.

Microservices Architecture

Microservices architecture with flexible processing pipelines offers great amount of flexibility, customization and load balancing.


Scale as you go. Starting from simple single-node installation and up to clusters controlling world’s largest networks with 300k+ of objects.

Big Data

Introduces Big Data analysis to the Network Management. Builtin analytics database and provided BI tools allows to


Sophisticated multi-protocol network topology discovery. Configuration and resource usage discovery.


Centralized database of physical and logical resources. Tracks physical assets like chassis and modules. Tracks logical resources (IP, VLAN, Phone Numbers) usage as well. IP address planning via IPAM.

Fault Management

Root Cause Analysis, topology correlation, escalation. Active probing and passive alarm condition detection in syslog and SNMP traps.

Performance Management

Flexible metrics collection via SNMP and CLI. Long-term metrics storage. Automatic configuration of dashboards. Complex threshold control with window functions.

Service Activation

Device interaction via telnet, SSH, web, TL1, MML and SNMP interfaces.

Network Automation

Complex network automation framework with simple-to-use Python API.


Plays nice with others. NOC is a part of your infrastructure. ETL interface allows to import data from existing systems. DataStream API and NBI interfaces provide services to other system.


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NOC 18.1.1

on 18.01.2019

In accordance to our Release Policy we’re continuing support of generation of 18.1 releases. NOC 18.1.1 collects 35 bugfixes, optimization and improvements, while fully preserves 18.1 API. Migration Migration from 18.1 release is straightforward. Just deploy 18.1.1 or stable-18.1 tags from Tower. Bugfixes MR Title !1215 Fix platform field in Platform Card. !1208 #947 Fix MAC ranges optimization !

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NOC 19.1

on 18.01.2019

In accordance to our Release Policy we’re proudly present release 19.1. 19.1 release contains of 272 bugfixes, optimisations and improvements. Highlights Usability NOC Theme 19.1 introduces genuine NOC theme intended to replace venerable ExtJS’ gray. New flat theme is based upon Triton theme using NOC-branded colors. NOC theme can be activated via config on per-installation basis. We expect to make it default several releases later. Collection Sharing Collections is the viable part of NOC.

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NOC 18.1a1

on 12.09.2018

In accordance to our Release Policy we’re starting generation of 18.1 releases. microservices branch has been forked from main tree about 3 years ago and bring massive architecture changes addressing performance, stability and scalability issues. Considering amount of changes, we’d recommend migration to microservices only for advanced users, seeking particular benefits. All development efforts was focused on microservices and we must admit we’d reached excellent result. Microservices’ offsprings monitor very large networks and we’d got invaluable experience of dealing with 300k+ boxes by single cluster.

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New Release Policy

on 12.09.2018

In order to finalize 3 years of microservices development and to switch from rolling release to more common release practice we introduce a new release policy. Further NOC releases will be organized into Generations - milestones on NOC platform evolution. Generation is versioned by two or three numbers: X.Y[.Z], where X - is two last letters of year, Y - is sequental number of generation within year (starting from 1). Z - is an optional number of hotfix release (starting with 1) The distance between generations is about one month.

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